Nikos Piperis

The Art of Classical Guitar

Nikos Piperis was born in Piraeus, Greece. He is a classic guitar soloist, studied guitar at theNational Conservatory of Athens and was afterwards taught by the eminent professor Andreas Paleologos. Furthermore, he is a conductor, a music-pedagogue, a composer of classical and artistic music. He has performed in concert-halls all over Greece , in International Festivals, on television and in live concerts of Greek National Radio & Television.

His compositions consist of works for Symphonic orchestra, String orchestra, short ensembles and works for solo guitar. “Adagio” for violoncello and piano, has been interpreted in Moscow by the famous musicians Christophor Miroshnikov and Natalia Miroshnikova and also by the String Orchestra of Lamia under the conductor Ilias Erzenis. Works for flute and guitar have been interpreted by the Duo Capricorn (Amalia Kountouris and Alexandros Kalkos).

His compositions have been enriched with a repertoire of works with artistic songs, which have been presented by the baritone Manolis Papadakis and the soprano Alexandra Samouilidis, with exceptional success in concerts, on music stages and so on, with lyrics written by, Nikos Piperis, Vangelis Vlahakis, Takis Favios, e.t.c.

His latest work was to create together with Louise du Toit (singer, compose and lyrics writer), the musical ensemble Aineshana, which also includes a number of important musicians of various nationalities.

He is the president of the Musical Association “Friends of Art” since 1997.


  1. Canciones Espanolas Antiguas - (by Federico Garcia Lorca),
  2. 25 Studi Melodici Progressivi - Op. 60 (First international recording),
  3. Companionship with the guitar
  4. Heliotrope
  5. Aineshana “My Heart is a Sea”

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